Reasons to Replace Your Locks

Everyday we see news reports of home break-ins and robberies throughout all Perth suburbs, but you don’t necessarily need to spend thousands on high-tech security systems to deter any would-be thieves. High quality door and window locks are an excellent defence that will give you the peace of mind that your home and your belongings will be safe and secure whether you are there or away. All Star Lock & Key are the emergency locksmiths Rockingham & Perth homes and businesses trust for efficient and affordable locksmith services. Here’s a few reasons you should replace or upgrade your locks.

You’ve Moved House

Taking possession of your new home is an exciting time, but it also comes with a security risk. While you might receive multiple sets of keys upon handover, there is no way of knowing if there are other sets floating around. The previous owner may have given a spare to a friend, a tradesperson or made copies for tenants if the home was previously rented out. Similarly, if you are moving into a newly built home, the builder may hand you the keys but there is no assurance that there aren’t duplicate keys held by others. Don’t assume that you are the only one with keys to your newly bought or built home, it’s fast and cost-effective to replace your locks so you can rest assured that no one has a key to your home except the residents.

Your House Has Been Burgled

If you have you have been the victim of a break-in, it’s likely that your locks were manipulated, picked, or completely damaged during the process. It’s important to replace your locks with robust, new versions so that you won’t be vulnerable to future burglaries. Additionally, if someone has broken into your home, they may have stolen spare keys along with other possessions, so even if your locks weren’t damaged the thieves may have your keys and can return at any time and enter your home easily.

Lost or Stolen Keys

Losing your keys or having them stolen is annoying, inconvenient, and it can put your security at risk.

You can never be sure where your keys may end up and, if they have been stolen, they are sure to be in criminal hands. The only solution is to change your locks before anyone has a chance to access your home. Whether you’ve lost your keys on your daily commute or something more sinister has happened, don’t live in the hope your keys will be found and returned – search for ‘emergency locksmiths near me’ and engage professionals to replace your locks immediately.

Your Current Locks Are Poor Quality

In newly built developments, builders often use the cheapest possible products to save costs where they can, and often this means installing inferior door and window locks. Poor-quality locks are easy for burglars to break or pick and can leave your home vulnerable. Investing in strong, premium locking systems will ensure your home is secure, so you can sleep soundly every night.

Old and/or Damaged Locks

Like everything, locks can wear out over time. Years of repeated use take their toll, and eventually, they will fail. If your locks are looking tired, have started to rust, have become stiff or extremely loose, these are all signs that it is time for them to be replaced. A lock that fails can leave you locked out, and a lock that is worn out will be easy to for burglars to pick. Check your locks for any tell-tale signs of wear and tear and get them changed as soon as possible.

You Don’t Want to Rely on Keys

If you are prone to losing or forgetting keys, or if you are starting to lose strength and mobility in your hands, digital locks are the ideal choice. Also known as keyless locks or electronic locks, these are the next generation in home and business security. Rather than using a traditional lock and key, they use an electric current to actuate the lock. The current can be activated by a several different methods, resulting in a lock that is much harder to bypass and far more convenient at the same time. Investing in a ‘smart lock’ system gives you a versatile security solution that can even allow for remote keyless entry and the ability to issue limited access permission.

Perth’s Leading Locksmith

If you’re planning to replace your door locks for any reason, make sure you consider installing a new, high-quality lock systems from All Star Lock & Key. We offer innovative solutions for replacing worn out, damaged and outdated locks. We are proud to provide high-quality locksmith services to all suburbs throughout Perth and Rockingham, as well as professional service to commercial businesses. As car key specialists, we can also help with replacement car keys and ignition repairs. For a comprehensive range of services and car key replacement, Perth relies on us. Get in touch today online or call 0420 909 860 now.

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