Where Should You Hide a Spare House Key?

Being locked out can be a huge inconvenience, so hiding a spare key in an accessible area is an attractive idea. However, no matter how good you believe your hiding spot to be, it’s likely that it is one of the first places a potential burglar will look. As the emergency locksmiths Perth relies on for efficient and affordable service, at All Star Lock and Key we understand that spare keys play a vital role in convenience, but it’s vital that convenience doesn’t sacrifice your security. Here’s a few tips for safe storage of spare house keys.

Avoid the Common Hiding Spots

Under the door mat? Under a flowerpot near the door? In the metre box? If you hide a spare key in any of these places then remove it immediately. These are the 3 most common spots to hide a key around the house and as such, will be the first places that a burglar will check.

Don’t Carry it in Your Wallet

It may sound like a good idea to leave a spare key in your wallet, after all, you will almost always have your wallet with you. However, if you happen to lose your wallet, anyone who picks it up will have your spare house key and your home address (as it’s on your driver’s license) – this is almost an open invitation to whoever finds your wallet to access your home.

Don’t Label a Key with Any Personal Details

If you carry a spare in your handbag, your car, or store it any location outside of the home, you should never put your name, phone number, or address on it. If you were ever to lose this key, a thief would easily be able to trace the key to your home. If you do misplace a key with personal details on it, have your locks changed immediately.

Consider Leaving a Key with a Trusted Neighbour

If you have a trustworthy neighbour, see if they will look after a key for you. That way if you ever lock yourself out you just have to pop next door or over the road to retrieve your spare key. If they spend a lot of time out or away, ask if you can hide your key on their property. If anyone finds the key, they will assume it belongs to their house and not yours. Just be sure that you don’t label the key with your address!

Invest in a High-Quality Lock Box

If you insist on keeping a spare hidden outside your home, one of the best options is to use a high-quality, structurally-sound lock box. Whether mounted to a wall or securely chained to a tree or post, a lock box allows you to keep your spare keys secure on your premises in the event you need to use it. These are also a great option for those who need to leave a spare occasionally for a cleaner or tradesperson, or for those who holiday lease their property.

Upgrade to a Digital Smart Lock 

If you never want to worry about locking yourself out or hiding spare keys, a digital lock, also known as a keyless lock or electronic lock, is the next generation in home security. These smart locks allow you to program different codes for different users, and may even allow you to lock and unlock your door straight from your smart device via a home security app. From push button locks to digital deadbolts and even fingerprint locks, upgrading to a smart lock will mean you never have to fumble with or worry about keys ever again!

The Locksmiths Rockingham Homeowners Rely On

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